Top 15 tips to pass every job interviews

In this video, you can ref Top 15 tips to pass every job interviews as follows:

1. Know specific information about the company
2. Don’t be late for your interview
3. Dress for success
4. Bring examples of your work
5. Don’t talk yourself out of a job
6. Focus more on what you can do for the company, rather than what they can do for you
7. Don’t bring up salary or benefits during the first interview

8. Bring several copies of your resume to the interview, and be prepared to discuss your unique strengths and accomplishments
9. Pursue the job you’re interviewing for even if you’re not entirely sure you want it
10. Don’t be negative about past employers or bosses
11. Ask for the job
12. Be aware of your body language
13. Make sure your car is showroom clean, inside and out
14. Be yourself