12 steps to prepare for a job interview

Got your dream job lined up and want to nail the interview?

Check out our 12 steps to prepare – and win – any interview below.

1. Research the company’s profile and background.

Spend 10-15 minutes ‘Googling’ the company you’re considering. Have they recently been in the press? Won any awards? This can be powerful ammunition to add during your interview.

2. Think of questions to ask your interviewer.

Based on your research in point 1, have a few pre-formed questions ready to ask that show you’ve put some interest in.

3. Practice with a friend.

Though it may sound silly, you’d be surprised how things sound ‘out loud’ compared to how they sound in your head.

4. Anticipate questions from the interviewer.

Based on the type of job you’re applying for, try to think about what sorts of questions they’ll ask. Again, do some research online to determine if the company has any values, mission statement, etc.

5. Dress-for-work.

First impressions count. If you’re coming from the gym, yoga, or just rolled out of bed, your employer will notice.

6. Show up in the best possible shape.

Get your mind, body, and spirit into the game. Be positive!

6. Turn off your cell phone.

Unless you are anticipating an emergency, bings, beeps, and buzzes can be a disruption and may not bode will with your interviewer. If you absolutely must keep you phone on, explain to the interviewer why this might be neccesary.

8. Show courtesy to everyone during the interview.

Be sure to make eye contact with each person involved in the interview, smile, and mention them by name.

9. Keep things simple and short.

Avoid rambling on and on about your life, your career, your pets…you name it. Keep your answers concise, and on point.

10. Shake hands with the interviewer and exchange pleasantries.

A no-brainer.

11. Send a thank-you letter to your interviewer and/or liaison.

A critical step that many forget. Be sure to send in an email or letter thanking yoru interviewer for the change to speak.

12. Follow up with the interviewer at the appropriate time.

While there is some debate regarding how long to wait before following up, the standard rule of thumb is one business week.