Top 5 emergency nurse interview questions and answers.

Top 5 emergency nurse interview questions and answers.

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Top 5 interview questions

1. What qualifications are important for a nurse to have?

School nurses are usually registered nurses. They must be expert at analyzing tell-tale signs of diseases common among school children of all ages. They exercise good judgment every day in deciding whether to send a child for a check-up by a specialist.

2. Are there any desirable personality traits that a nurse should have?

Nurses are generally friendly, caring, gentle, and sympathetic. They are able to explain concepts and situations clearly, yet without upsetting patients unnecessarily. School nurses must be particularly caring and careful, since they work with children who are psychologically vulnerable patients.

3. Do you find that communication skills are important for a school nurse?

Communication and interpersonal skills are of the utmost importance. Nurses must communicate effectively with senior medical personnel and the school staff. But they must especially be good at communicating with school children.

4. What measure or measures do you take as a school nurse to prevent disease among children?

Most importantly, nurses keep a sharp eye out for signs and symptoms of disease or any health problems. If they notice anything suspicious they report it to parents, with a written recommendation to visit a specialist. Other preventive measures are vaccines administered at school, and health education for the children.

5.Why are you interested in this particular nursing job?

Again prepare for this by finding out as much as possible about the job and the facility. Demonstrate why this job is the one you particularly want using this background research. For example:”I am specifically looking for a position in a facility like this because of it’s excellent emergency care …..”

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